Through a generous donation, a Crustbuster 4613 No-Till Drill is available for lease to Broadwater County residents.

Drill Specifications

-  13 foot drill width with 7.5 inch spacing

-  Legume Box

-  At least 80 horsepower tractor required.

Lease Information

-  $12 per acre or a minimum of $250.

-  $500 security deposit required to hold dates.  Deposit is returned after use and inspection by Drill Committee or County Extension Agent.

-  If drill is returned uncleaned, a $50/hr charge will be accessed to clean it.

-  Must be towed by tractor or 3/4 ton truck not to exceed more than 25 mph.  A light adapter can be provided if needed.

-  A flagging vehicle and overwidth signs are required by MDT.  The flagging vehicle is the responsibility of the leasee.  Signs can be provided if needed.


Lease Agreement

Operator's Manual- Section 1

Operator's Manual- Section 2