Improving the home garden continues to be an area of interest in Broadwater county. Several programs were provided during the year including Master Gardener class, fruit tree care and pruning, and the Backyards of Broadwater garden tour. Additionally, MSU Extension agent Allison Kosto responded to more than 65 inquiries on lawn, garden, and tree care in the county, assisting with issues including soil analysis, nutrient deficiencies, pest identification, tree care, and gardening. In the spring, Master Gardener Level 1 was offered. Thirteen individuals successfully completed the course. Many participants choose to participate in the volunteer service portion of the program by assisting with school programs, working with the Townsend Tree Board, pruning trees for the Heritage Orchard Program, and serving as a 4-H leader. Together, they provided nearly 75 hours of community service. Upon evaluation, participants indicated they will make the following changes because of the program: use integrated pest management, read pesticide labels, use more efficient watering, make informed choices on how and where to plant vegetables, and informed lawn care. Backyards of Broadwater is a program organized by local Master Gardeners. This event is a self-guided yard and garden tour highlighting community members with unique and innovative landscapes. It also provides an opportunity to network with others and share lessons learned. This year the tour featured eight gardens on the east side of Canyon Ferry Lake and around Townsend. Proceeds were donated to the school’s Wyse Acres garden, Townsend Garden Club & Study, and Townsend Tree Board. Nearly 70 people attended the event.


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